The Degrowth Online Seminar Series: “Degrowth in practice: Rethinking work and working time” with Professor Erik Gomez-Baggethun from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences

University of Copenhagen
15. maj 2023 degrowth, sustainability
Except for sleep, humans spend more of their lifetimes on work than on any other activity, and many have come to take for granted the standard 40h workweek in developed countries as a 'natural configuration of time'. In recent decades, however, prevailing conceptions of work are being destabilized, and degrowth proponents are advocating work time reduction as a measure to reduce environmental pressure, reduce unemployment, and enhance human well-being. Drawing on insight from history, anthropological research, and time-use studies, this talk aims at broadening the frames harnessing current debates about the future of work. First, we examine evolving conceptions of work in different cultures and review patterns of working time throughout history. Next, we present ideas and principles to rethink work and working time along ecological economic principles of sustainability and justice.

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