Copenhagen Center for Biomedical Quantum Sensing

Niels Bohr Institutet
Researchers aim to advance quantum sensing to transform disease diagnosis and prevention

With its unprecedented precision, quantum sensing holds the potential to reform biomedical and health sciences by improving the diagnosis and prevention of diseases. The Novo Nordisk Foundation has awarded a grant of DKK 150 million to establish the Copenhagen Center for Biomedical Quantum Sensing, under which an international research collaboration aims to develop novel quantum sensing principles and techniques for early detection of diseases.

The Copenhagen Center for Biomedical Quantum Sensing will be established with a grant of DKK 150 million from the Novo Nordisk Foundation. Under this new ambitious research project, researchers at the University of Copenhagen, the Technical University of Denmark and the University of Texas at Austin aim to advance quantum sensing and imaging technologies in medical diagnostics and healthcare.

“Quantum sensing is among the most mature of the quantum technologies and holds the potential to greatly improve medical diagnostics. Denmark has a stronghold in quantum sensing, and with this grant we want to enable further development and translation of this powerful technology from the laboratories to clinical applications,” says Lene Oddershede, Senior Vice President, Natural & Technical Sciences, Novo Nordisk Foundation.

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