MICROBES – Metabolic science on display in the 'The World is in You'

University of Copenhagen
Learn how CBMR's science ended up on display at 'The World is in You' – a major exhibition at Kunsthal Charlottenborg in Copenhagen.

In this video, CBMR Associate Professor Mani Arumugam discusses how his research into the microbiome and its role in metabolic health and disease was integrated into the exhibition.

With him is Associate Professor Adam Bencard from the Medical Museion, one of the four curators of the exhibition, which examines the many ways that people and the planet are connected.

The Medical Museion is a museum of medical history and also, like CBMR, part of the University of Copenhagen. While they are home to a historic collection of medical objects and put on exhibitions, they also carry out research. Some of this research takes place within CBMR, under the research programme Metabolic Science in Culture.

This is a unique collaboration whose goal is situate metabolic science in cultural, historical, and philosophical context through humanities and science communication research, which in turn informs innovative public engagement practices.