Anasua Chatterjee

Niels Bohr Institutet
6. december 2021

From quantum mechanics to quantum devices

Fra Niels Bohr Institutets Temadag 2021

A hundred years since the heyday of Niels Bohr, quantum technology is maturing around the world. However, a large roadblock is figuring out how to go from a few qubits to hundreds to thousands. As device complexity grows, even for small processors, tuning the system and keeping it tuned becomes very expensive. Also, the volume of data generated by operating these small processors becomes unmanageably large, beyond the level at which human scientists can look at it, process it, and take action on the patterns underlying it.

I will describe our efforts to describe current quantum experiments in the lab, and how we are using another new but powerful technology, machine learning, to automate the process.