Panel debate: Local and global distribution of future COVID-19 vaccines

School of Global Health
19. november 2020 covid-19, global health
For the online symposium "Health systems in times of crises" on 16 November 2020, the second panel debate was about "Local and global distribution of future COVID-19 vaccines". Panelists: Heaven Yeshaneh (Medical Doctor and volunteer for SHEBA and SHE Matters), Siddhartha Sankar Datta, (MD, MPH, Programme Manager, Vaccine-preventable Diseases and Immunization programme, WHO Regional Office for Europe), Susanne Haas (Medical Doctor and Chairwoman of Masanga), Mohamed Falilu Jalloh (Behavioral epidemiologist, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), Helle Samuelsen (Anthropologist and Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen), Jorge Castilla (Senior Emergency Officer, Health Emergency Response at the World Health Organization). Moderator: Flemming Konradsen (professor and Director of the School of Global Health)