Rector: Ask Me Anyting 3

Københavns Universitet

00:20: Shouldn’t we have guidelines for business trips in relation to climate impact?

02:49: As the Rector, how can you justify that so many programmes have become miserably bad?

06:10: Are there any plans to commemorate the 500th anniversary of  Leonardo Da Vinci’s death?

06:45: As the Rector, can you do something about loneliness and the separation of two cultures on a programme?

10:05: How can you introduce a system where you can’t access basic IT services such as printing without using a KU computer?

12:26: What is your favourite beer?

13:23: Why does the University absolve all responsibility for the Housing Foundation?

16:00: Why did UCPH not have one minute of silence after the terrorist attack in New Zealand?

17:05: Why not anonymise exam papers?

18:57: Was there anything surprising today?