First place of the 4EU+ Urban Health Case Challenge: Team 12 - Sorbonne University

School of Global Health
2. december 2020 4eu+, urban health case challenge
The first place in the 4EU+ Urban Health Case Challenge went to Team 12 from Sorbonne University. Their solution was called "HealthKit", targeting vulnerable people with chronic disease and poor people.

About the solution: In France, during the first lockdown in march/April/may there was a total of 6 million medical teleconsultations, also called online consultations. Teleconsultations have a lot of advantages during a pandemic and during a lockdown but the drawback is a lack of human interaction, a technology that doesn’t always work and most of all, diagnosis error. These disadvantages are aggravated for people with chronic diseases and when they can’t afford medical devices at home. Our solution is to help these people get access to medical devices at home for a better and a safer medical teleconsultation. We have named this solution HealthKit, a box composed of everything you need for an efficient online consultation: everything your doctor needs in order to make a clear diagnosis, and a communicating device. In the box, there will be a tablet equipped with a 4G key which will be the support for the consultation, and for the medical devices, there will be a thermometer, a stethoscope, an oxymeter and a tensiometer. These medical devices will be connected via bluetooth to the tablet so that on the other side, the doctor has a live feed of the patient’s data. With the french social healthcare system we can make our product free or more affordable for the patients by refunding it’s use.