COVID-19 webinar: What pathways should societies take now and following the pandemic?

Closing plenary debate from the Web Symposium on Social Movements and Political Mobilisation in Times of Global Pandemic 27-28 April 2020, hosted by the Department of Sociology at UCPH.

- Sabrina Zajak, DeZIM Institute: (The urgent need for) Transnational Solidarity in Times of Crisis in the Global North and South
- Cristina Flesher, Loughborough University: Hybrid Autonomy as Political Ethos and Strategy
- Peter Abrahamson, University of Copenhagen, Sociology: Welfare services as a precondition for a flourishing civil society? Denmark during the Corona crisis
- Sarah Swider, University of Copenhagen
- Malgorzata Kurjanska: University of Copenhagen, Sociology: A struggle for moral superiority: politics and protests in the time of the Corona in Poland
- Sophia Wathne: Scuola Normale Superiore: Food sovereignty and Covid-19
- Vasilis Galis, ITU: Comments on migration and application of digital media in Greece