COVID-19 Webinar: Democratic Legitimacy and Public Debate in times of Pandemic

Panel 7 from the Web Symposium on Social Movements and Political Mobilisation in Times of Global Pandemic 27-28 April 2020, hosted by the Department of Sociology at UCPH.

- Vivien Schmidt, Boston University: Dilemmas for Democratic Legitimacy in the Corona virus crisis, with lessons learned from the Eurozone crisis
- Jane Mansbridge and José L. Martí: Governance in a Pandemic – Huge Mistakes, Collective Learning, and Possible Steps Forward
- Hans-Jörg Trenz, University of Copenhagen, Communication: The public sphere in emergency: from standstill to resilience
- Laurence Bherer, Université de Montréal: How Cov-19 impacts participatory process in France and Canada.
- Nicole Doerr: University of Copenhagen, Sociology: Decision-making, uncertainty, fear of failure: pre/figurations of present futures among climate justice activists in Germany and Denmark

Chair: Janus Hansen, University of Copenhagen, Department of Sociology