COVID-19 Webinar: Intersectionality, Migration, Struggles for Citizenship

Panel 8 from the Web Symposium on Social Movements and Political Mobilisation in Times of Global Pandemic 27-28 April 2020, hosted by the Department of Sociology at UCPH.

- Jean Beaman, UC Santa Barbara: “Living on the Margins, before and during COVID-19”?
- Eléonore Lépinard, Université de Lausanne: Feminist Trouble. Race, Whiteness and Intersectionality in Feminist Movements
- Pauline Stoltz, Aalborg University: Gendered and intersectional aspects of Corona-shaming and shaming as a social movement strategy
- Tunay Altay and Gökce Yurdakul, Humboldt University of Berlin: Embodying Bordering Practices: A Study of Trans* Migrants Occupied with Street Sex Work in Berlin.
- Anna Korteweg, University of Toronto: Borders, Boundaries, and Bodies in the Production of Non-Belonging

Chair: Birte Siim, Aalborg University