Webinar: Civil Society Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Panel 3 from the Web Symposium on Social Movements and Political Mobilisation in Times of Global Pandemic 27-28 April 2020

- Priska Daphi, Bielefeld University: Watchdog, innovator, service provider? Civil society in states of emergency
- Jonas Toubøl, Hjalmar Alexander Bang Carlsen; Snorre Ralund, University of Copenhagen, Sociology: Solidarity and Volunteering in the Coronavirus Crisis
- Thomas P. Boje, Roskilde University: The Populist Challenge – may civil society involvement be an answer?”
- Óscar Agustín, Aalborg University: ‘You are not alone’; how to build solidarity in spaces of distance

Chair: Malgorzata Kurjanska, University of Copenhagen, Sociology

Hosted by the Department of Sociology at UCPH.