Dairy Science through the eyes of an organic chemist

Colin Ray, Head of the FOOD-section Dairy, Meat and Plant Product Technology:
My presentation will be a bit of a whistle-stop tour of the areas of dairy and food science that interest me, and how I look at science through the eyes of an organic chemist.  My formal education is in organic chemistry and, in many cases, this is how I observe dairy science and technology.  I think about which molecules are present, how they react with each other under given conditions, how I can measure the outcomes of whatever chemistry is occurring and what this means for the dairy product in question.  In my presentation, I will give some examples of published research that I have conducted during my time in the dairy industry, mainly addressing the chemistry of UHT-treated milk, and how understanding the link between milk composition, processing and chemistry can allow us to contribute to the development of new types of dairy products.  I will also present some very new results from a project dealing with new enzymes for dairy applications.  Finally, I summarise some new projects that are just starting, addressing the Maillard and subsequent reactions in heated milk and new strategies for controlling this undesired chemistry, the enzymes, oligosaccharides and modern dairy processing.